Heather Bivens

About the Artist, Heather Bivens


Heather Bivens, Artist

As a maker, I have worked in a range of media and continuously test and explore new possibilities. My main areas of interested are in the art of adornment and wearable art. The work you see in my shop began with an introduction to glass about five years ago. I was teaching art courses after graduate school at a college that had a small glass studio. Now, I have a small studio at home and make work full time. All of the work you see in my shop is one of a kind and influenced by the natural world.


Fired Arts: Jewelry Category - GlassFest 2017.
Special Invitation - Arts at the Gardens, 2016.
3rd Place - Fine Arts, Sauquoit Valley Fine Arts & Crafts Show, 2015.
Honorable Mention - Arts at the Gardens, 2015.
Best in Category - "Green", Athens Art Fest, 2015.
First Place - Jewelry Category, Naples Grape Festival, 2014.