Heather Bivens

About the Artist, Heather Bivens


Heather Bivens, Artist

Over the years, my connection with nature has become more profound and its influence can be seen as a common thread for all of my work. My inspiration ranges from abstract references of color and texture to specific imagery found within nature.

Detailed representational imagery is created by hand painting enamels on the surface of the glass with a very small brush. More complex paintings require multiple layers, calling for the enamel to be fired in the kiln, stabilizing the surface before the next layer is applied. My paintings can reside on the exterior of the glass or layered within by fusing the enamels in-between layers of sheet of glass.

Organic stone designs are created by layering and fusing compatible glass in a kiln. Glass has been the perfect medium to mimic and reflect the beauty of the natural world.

Heather Bivens, of Baldwinsville obtained her BFA from SUNY Oswego with an emphasis in Sculpture and Drawing. Focusing primarily on the art of wearable sculpture, she obtained her MFA in Sculpture from Syracuse University in 2010. Shortly after graduate school, she taught art courses at a college that had a small glass studio. During that time, she familiarized herself with the kiln formed glass as medium. It was a natural transition from wearable sculpture to wearable art glass jewelry.


Fired Arts: Jewelry Category - GlassFest 2017.
Special Invitation - Arts at the Gardens, 2016.
3rd Place - Fine Arts, Sauquoit Valley Fine Arts & Crafts Show, 2015.
Honorable Mention - Arts at the Gardens, 2015.
Best in Category - "Green", Athens Art Fest, 2015.
First Place - Jewelry Category, Naples Grape Festival, 2014.